Downloadable Forms for Burn Survivor Car Show Staff

Password is needed to open forms - contact:
John Merryman - or
Karen Stack - for password.


Forms are in PDF format. Please read the instructions before using.

Burn Survivor Car Show Letterhead - Fillable form. Anything you enter is not save-able to your hard drive. Be sure to print it if you want to save what you have entered. You may save the original fillable form to your hard drive for your convenience by right mouse clicking the link and selecting Save As.

Directions for use.

1. Left mouse click in center of page.
2. Type in text. Form consists of two pages for longer correspondence.
3. Click on Print button.
4. Select Properties (near the chosen printer in the top field.)
5. Recommended setting is better or best.
6. After selecting your Print Quality, click OK to return to Print.
7a. If only one page is needed, change Print Range properties in the Printer Properties screen to Current Page.
7b. If both pages are needed, do not change Print Range properties.
8. Make certain there is no checkmark in the box for Shrink Oversized Pages to Paper Size.
9. Select number of copies. (Remember, you cannot save your work, so please make a hard copy for your records)
10. Click on OK to print.